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Welcome to Springfield Parks and Recreation!

139 Main St, Springfield, VT 05156


Chris Merrill

Phone: 8028852727

Adam Middleton

Assistant Director

Adam Middleton

Phone: 802-885-2727

Fall Sport Registration is Open

Fall Sport registrations are open. Registrations can be done on line (link above) or in person at the Parks & Rec office within the community center for an additional $5 fee. Please call ahead (802)885-2727 to ensure we are in the office and available. We only accept cash & check. Registrations close September 2, 2022

Thank You to Our Baseball and Softball Coaches!

Dave Lihatsh, Tim Merrow, Pete Peck, Jess Burlew, Owen Babcock, Joel Gomez, Craig Streeter, Sarah Pogue, John McCarthy, Paul Little, Bevin Packman, Elijah Daniels, Dan White, Mason Roundy, Ruben Allen, Zach Colburn, Samantha Snyder, Bill Simoneau, Dave Wright, Chris Blanchard, Ashley Rodgers, Brian Spiegel, Sharon Cox, Matt Willis, Margie Reurink, Laura Lockerby, Jay Clapperton, Serena Priestly, Josh Martel, Jessica Robinson, Ryan Keefe,  Sethe Gorey, & Nicholas Stromberg. 

Hours of Operation:



Monday-Friday 730AM-4Pm

Saturday Closed



for the latest Info check our Facebook page or the calender below to see if there is a game going on. 




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Interested in becoming a sponsor? Call 802-885-2727 to find out how.